Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use

These terms and conditions of use, including their annexes (“Terms and Conditions of Use”), constitute a contract between any person (hereinafter, “User” or, in plural, “Users”) who wishes to access and/or use the Cripstore service (“Cripstore”), in which case the User will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

These Terms and Conditions of Use describe the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the User and Cripstore when using the payment processing service, a payment account, the Platform (as this term is defined in these Terms and Conditions of Use ) and any related product, functionality or service offered by Cripstore (any of them, indistinctly, the “Service” and, together, the “Services”, as applicable).

The User must read, understand and accept all the conditions established in these Terms and Conditions of Use and other policies and principles incorporated therein by reference, prior to registering as a Cripstore User and/or using the Services. In any case, the use of the Services implies the acceptance by the User of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Any person who does not accept these Terms and Conditions of Use, which are mandatory and binding, must refrain from using the Site and/or the Services.

1- Account registration

  1. a) Registration. Any User who wishes to use the Services must register with Cripstore and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use. To register, it is mandatory to complete the registration form in all its fields with valid data and accurate, precise and true personal information (“Personal Data”) . The User assumes the commitment to update the Personal Data as necessary. Cripstore is not responsible for the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by its Users. The Users guarantee and respond, in any case, for the veracity, accuracy, integrity, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data entered. All the information and Personal Data entered by the User have the character of an affidavit.

Cripstore reserves the right to request receipts and/or additional information in order to corroborate the information provided by a User regarding Personal Data, as well as to temporarily or permanently suspend those Users whose data could not be confirmed.

Cripstore is an Obliged Subject before the Financial Information Unit (“UIF”), in accordance with Resolution 76/2019. Based on this, and in compliance with current regulations on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (“PLD / FT”), it is obliged to collect certain information and / or documentation from Users, which must keep updated, to comply with processes of identification, verification, knowledge and monitoring of the same and its operation, which may vary, according to the activity of the User within the Platform or the Services that the User uses. Mindful of this, Cripstore reserves the right to reject a registration request or to cancel or suspend, temporarily or permanently, a Cripstore Account (as defined below), (i) in case of detecting inconsistencies or inconsistencies in the information provided by a User, or unusual or suspicious activities of the User in terms of PLD/FT or fraud; or (ii) in the event that the User does not provide or does not update the information and/or documentation required by Cripstore in a timely manner, without such decision generating compensation or compensation rights for the User.

The User may not register if he or his shareholders, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees or agents is a human or legal person owned or controlled by persons who are (i) subject to Sanctions or (ii) located in , incorporated in, or resident in a country or territory that is subject to Sanctions, or whose government is subject to Sanctions, including without limitation: the Crimea Region, Cuba, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. For purposes of this clause, “Sanctions” shall mean: restrictions or prohibitions on the ability to engage in business and other economic activities with certain countries, regions, persons or entities, or any government measure issued in order to deprive a entity (including individuals, corporations, territories, countries, etc.) of financial and economic assets in order to counteract and attempt to reduce behavior that threatens national or international security or contravenes international law. In particular, those who are included in the Sanctioned Lists of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States) and terrorist lists of the United Nations (UN), as well as in any national list will be rejected as Users or suspended or disabled. of blocked people, being prohibited the registration of the User or use of the Platform in the mentioned territories or sanctioned jurisdictions.

Nor can human or legal persons register as Users about whom they have information that may be related to activities of a criminal nature, especially those allegedly linked to drug trafficking, terrorism, or organized crime in general.

By virtue of the provisions of this clause, Cripstore reserves the right to reject a registration request or to cancel or suspend, temporarily or permanently, a Cripstore Account (as defined below), without such decision generating rights for the User. compensation or compensation (i) in case of detecting inconsistencies or inconsistencies in the information provided by a User, or unusual or suspicious activities of the User in terms of PLD/FT or fraud; (ii) in the event that the User does not provide or does not update the information and/or documentation required by Cripstore in a timely manner; (iii) in the event that the User is subject to Sanctions, or located in, constituted in, resident in a country or territory subject to Sanctions, with the scope provided in this clause; or (iv) in the event that the User was or could be related to activities of a criminal nature, as provided in this clause.

The User expressly acknowledges and accepts that Cripstore may share the User’s information and documentation files with other companies of the same economic group, in order to comply with regulatory obligations of knowing the client, in accordance with the provisions of Article 21 of the FIU Resolution 76/2019, supplementary and amending.

  1. b) Cryptostore account. By registering with Cripstore, the User will open an account with Cripstore (the “Crypstore Account”). The Cripstore Account will allow the User to use the Services together with any other functionality that may be offered to the User in the future, subject to the terms and conditions established for each functionality. For the use of the Services, Cripstore may automatically generate a Uniform Virtual Key (CVU) linked to the User’s Cripstore Account.

The User will access his Cripstore Account by entering his e-mail address, chosen personal security key (“Entry Key”) and corresponding security code (the “Security Code”). The User undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of his Password and Security Code. By virtue of this, the User will be solely and exclusively responsible for all the operations carried out in his Cripstore Account. The User agrees to notify Cripstore immediately and by suitable and reliable means, of any unauthorized use of his Cripstore Account, as well as the entry or attempts to enter it by unauthorized third parties.

It is clarified that, in all cases, the Cripstore Account is personal, unique and non-transferable, and will be assigned to a single User and its sale, assignment or transfer (including reputation) under any title is prohibited. The User may not allow or authorize the use of his Cripstore Account.

2- Payment processing. Mandate

  1. a) Payment Processing Agreement. The User and Cripstore (collectively, the “Parties”), may from time to time enter into payment processing agreements (each, a “Payment Processing Request”) whereby Cripstore provides payment processing services in accordance with the instructions of the User (the “Payment Processing Services”), in order to pay or receive on behalf and order of the User, through (i) the platform provided by Cripstore at https://cripstore.com/ or ( hereinafter the “Platform” or the “Site”), (ii) the Cripstore mobile application (the “Mobile Application”).
  2. b) Irrevocable Mandate. By completing a Payment Processing Request, the User will grant an irrevocable mandate to Cripstore to (i) pay for their account and order a certain sum of money in relation to which the Payment Processing Request is completed (the “Funds” ) and/or (ii) collect the Funds on your account and order, subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use. The irrevocable mandate granted by the User implies an authorization in favor of Cripstore to dispose of certain Funds from your Account on your behalf. Cryptostore and transfer them to the Cryptostore Account of the designated recipient in accordance with your instructions. Likewise, the irrevocable mandate implies an authorization of the User in favor of Cripstore to receive, collect and credit the Funds in his Cripstore Account in accordance with his instructions. Cripstore will liquidate, credit and maintain the User’s Funds in their Cripstore Account under the conditions and terms established in these Terms and Conditions of Use and/or other special or particular conditions established for other Cripstore products or services.
  3. c) Execution of the Payment Processing Request. The Payment Processing Request will be held by sending the User an online Payment Processing Request form, or by means of a Payment Processing Request in person, where the instructions regarding the Funds will be detailed. Cripstore reserves the right not to process those Payment Processing Requests that are incomplete or in which there are discrepancies between the data provided by the Users and the data actually entered into Cripstore or because Cripstore deems it necessary, without the need to justify its decision. The User is solely responsible for the payment instructions and their consequences. Cripstore will not verify the cause or obligation that originated the payment instruction, nor the other circumstances related to the payment instruction. The payment instructions entered in a Payment Processing Request may only be made through the Platform, the Mobile Application and/or in person as provided in these Terms and Conditions, and no instruction issued will be processed or deemed valid, by other means other than those provided here.
  4. d) Improvement of the Application. The Payment Processing Request will not be considered perfected and Cripstore will not assume any responsibility or obligation under the Payment Processing Request until (i) Cripstore has not accepted the User’s Payment Processing Request (it is clarified that Cripstore may refuse to comply with the Payment Processing Request without giving any reason or reason and therefore no liability can be attributed to it), and (ii) all the Funds are available in the Cripstore Account.
  5. e) Responsibility for the Request. Cripstore will not be responsible for orders, instructions, Payment Processing Requests and/or erroneous or incomplete payments caused by the erroneous introduction of the identification data of the Cripstore Account, relevant information of the recipient or the payment operation, made by the User.

The User already assumes, acknowledges and accepts his full responsibility for the losses that arise, especially if fraudulent, duplicate, unauthorized or merely erroneous instructions are given through his Username, as well as for any possible damages that may occur. cause Cryptostore.

The User declares to know and accept all the risks of unauthorized third parties accessing the information corresponding to his Cripstore Account, for which he exonerates Cripstore from any liability in this regard, knowing that Cripstore has made its best technical efforts to effects that the information included in the system maintains the highest degree of confidentiality possible.

  1. f) Liability of Cripstore for payment instructions. Cripstore will not be responsible or guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations that the Users have assumed with third parties in relation to the payments to be made or received through the Platform, the Mobile Application and/or in person. The User acknowledges and accepts that when carrying out transactions with other Users or third parties, they do so of their own free will, giving their consent freely and at their own risk and responsibility. In no case will Cripstore be responsible for direct damage, lost profits, or for any other damage and/or loss that the User may have suffered, due to the transactions carried out or not carried out through the Platform, the mobile application and/or in face-to-face form. By virtue of the fact that Cripstore is oblivious to the obligation that gave rise to the Payment Processing Request, Cripstore will not be responsible or verify the causes, amount or any other circumstance related to said Payment Processing Request, as well as regarding the existence, quality, quantity, operation, status, integrity or legitimacy of the goods or services offered, acquired or disposed of by Users and paid using Cripstore, as well as the ability of Users to contract and the veracity of the personal data entered by them. In the event that one or more Users or any third party initiate any type of claim or legal action against another or other Users, each and every one of the Users involved in said claims or actions exempt Cripstore and its directors, managers, employees from any liability, agents, operators, representatives and proxies. The Users will have the same assumption of responsibility in relation to the means of payment used for their transactions, who do not guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations that the Users have assumed with third parties in relation to the payments to be made or received through the Platform, the Mobile application and/or in person. Users have a period of sixty (60) days from the purchase to initiate a claim against another or other Users. Once this term has expired, they will not be able to initiate a claim from the Cripstore Site.

4- Shopping Cart and Payment Button

This section applies specifically to the use of the shopping cart (“Shopping Cart”) and the payment button (“Payment Button”) offered by Cripstore, hereinafter the Shopping Cart and the Payment Button will be collectively referred to as as “Sales Tools”.

  1. a) Requirements. To use any of the Sales Tools, it is required to be a previously registered User and the authorization of Cripstore. Cripstore se reserva el derecho de solicitar información adicional o verificación de los Datos Personales. The Users who use the Sales Tools to sell will be referred to hereinafter as the “Sellers” and the Users who use the Sales Tools to buy will be referred to as the “Buyers” hereinafter.
  2. b) Prohibitions. The use of any of the Sales Tools is prohibited, on any website that contravenes or fails to comply with current law, the Terms and Conditions of Use and other Cripstore policies, or with any of the Prohibited Activities (i) has content or allow or carry out any activity contrary to legal and administrative provisions, morality and good customs and/or activities or goods whose commercialization is prohibited in the terms and conditions of Cripstore; or (ii) promotes or contains sexual content involving minors under the age of 18, related to pedophilia, pornography, nudity of minors, whether real or simulated; or (iii) in any way involves minors under 18 years of age, or in the case of films or photographs that have been taken illegally of minors under 18 years of age or without the consent of the people who appear in them; or (iv) promotes violence of any kind, discrimination of any kind, prostitution, money laundering, arms, human or animal trafficking, or other illegal activities; and/or (v) offers content, goods or services that violate any current legislation, especially those related to the protection of intellectual property rights, software piracy, etc. Cripstore may terminate this contract and/or temporarily or permanently suspend, cancel a Cripstore Account, without prior notice, if it determines that the User and/or the Website where a Sales Tool is used is not suitable for in whole or in part to the law or the Terms and Conditions of Use or in case of discovering or suspecting fraudulent behavior or behavior that threatens the image of Cripstore, its shareholders, controlling, controlled, affiliated or subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents , and/or its users and/or third parties. Likewise, Cripstore reserves the right to initiate judicial or extrajudicial actions that it deems appropriate.
  3. c) Sales Tool Codes. After the opening of their Cripstore Account and the authorization to use any of the Sales Tools, the User may place on their website, any of the codes provided by Cripstore to generate the Shopping Cart or the Buy Now Button, with the parameters necessary to direct your users to our Site (the “Codes”). The codes mentioned above may have different forms, depending on the availability of Cripstore and in no case may they be modified by the User. Cripstore reserves the right to periodically update or modify the content and/or appearance of the Sales Tools and the URLs where the Codes are directed. Cripstore will not be responsible if the Code is modified and thereby causes damage or harm to a third party.
  4. d) Responsibility for the site where the Sales Tools are used and the activity of the Seller. The Seller will be solely and exclusively responsible for the contents of its website, including with respect to the display of prices or promotions that it may offer through Cripstore. In the event that one or more Users or any third party initiates any type of claim or legal, administrative or extrajudicial action against Cripstore, its shareholders, controllers, subsidiaries, affiliates or subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents and employees, the Seller involved in Said claims or actions exempt and undertake to hold Cripstore and its shareholders, controllers, subsidiaries, affiliates or subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents, representatives and attorneys harmless from any liability. Likewise, both Parties declare that they are independent contractors, without any corporate or commercial relationship outside of that agreed in this agreement, and each of them will hold the other harmless for any claim derived from tax, labor or social security obligations that are at their disposal. Neither Party will mislead any person about its character as an independent contractual party of the other nor will it obligate the other party against third parties. Failure to comply with this obligation by the Seller will enable Cripstore to terminate this agreement as of right at any time.

5- Policy for the correct use of brands and communication of Cripstore on the Seller’s website

  1. a) Use of trademarks, logos and other intellectual property rights: Cripstore is the owner and/or licensee of the intellectual property rights made available to Users for the use of the Services, including, without limitation, those contained in the Tool Kit that Cripstore will deliver to the Seller for the correct communication of the Cripstore payment method Service.

The User undertakes to use the contents of the Tool Kit in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and Cripstore’s instructions.

In the dissemination, promotion and use of the Cripstore Payment Platform and the Sales Tools, the Seller undertakes to exclusively use those logos, banners and other promotional material provided by Cripstore.

The User shall refrain from using banners or logos designed by himself and/or third parties, as well as any other promotional material using Cripstore’s intellectual rights, without prior written authorization from Cripstore.

  1. b) Seller’s home page: Logo, communication of bank promotions and enabled means of payment. The Seller undertakes to communicate and use the brands, logos, bank promotion banners and accepted payment methods contained in the Tool Kit on the home page of its website.
  2. c) Payment methods section of the Seller’s website: Communication. The Seller undertakes to communicate to its user base that the payment platform on its website is provided by Cripstore, for which purpose it will inform it clearly and unequivocally in the payment method selection section, through the use of the banner payment method selection provided in the Tool Kit.
  3. d) Cripstore positioning. In the event that the Seller has more than one provider of payment solutions, it must position the Cripstore payment method selection banner in the first or second position.
  4. e) Cripstore integration. Seller must integrate Cripstore on its website in compliance with Cripstore effective integration policies. Which include:
  5. Provision of the Buyer’s e-mail at the time of connection between the Seller’s website and Cripstore. To this end, the Seller declares to have the authorizations of the Buyers.
  6. Implementation of the most up-to-date checkout version of Cripstore.

iii. Inclusion of the Seller’s logo and price of the products in the Cripstore checkout.

  1. f) Use of brands, logos and other intellectual property rights of the Vendors. The Sellers grant Cripstore an authorization for the free and unlimited use of the trade name, trademarks, logos, symbols, emblems, colors and/or designs of the Seller that were sent to Cripstore to the e-mail box of the corresponding commercial representative ( hereinafter, the “Seller’s Trademarks”), for use in promotional, advertising and/or communications actions related to the Cripstore service. It is recorded that the authorization of use will only take effect from the sending of said email to Cripstore. The authorization granted empowers Cripstore to display, reproduce, disseminate and/or publish the Trademarks of the Seller in any communication medium and on any support, including in particular, but in no way limited to the Site and the Platform and the e-mails sent to Users of Cripstore and/or the Platform.

6- General contracting conditions

  1. a) Capacity. Only those people who have the legal capacity to contract and are duly registered as Users in Cripstore may accept these Terms and Conditions of Use. Minors without authorization, persons who do not have the capacity to contract or those Users who have been suspended or disabled from the Cripstore system, temporarily or permanently, may not register or use the Services.
  2. b) Account for Authorized Minors From the age of 13, minors may register as Users in Cripstore, provided they have the authorization of their Legal Representative (as defined below). The Account will be used by the authorized minor (the “Minor” or “Authorized Minor”). Cripstore reserves the right to reject any application for registration of Minors or to suspend or close the Account at its sole discretion.

For the purposes of registration, as well as all operations carried out within the framework of the Services and any other related matter, Minors will act under the representation of a legal representative with the capacity to act as such in terms of current legislation (the ” Legal representative”). The Legal Representative declares that: (i) acts on behalf of the Minor for all legal purposes arising from the opening and operation of the Minor’s Account; (ii) will be responsible for all actions and obligations arising from the use of the Minor’s Account and/or the Services, including, without limitation, claims for breaches, fraud, chargebacks, reversals or Amounts Due; (iii) there is no opposition from another legal representative to the opening of the Minor’s Account.

The Account for Minors will have the following limitations: (i) the Minor will not be able to use his Account to make sales or contract Credits; (ii) the Minor may use the Services permitted to minors through the Platform only with the supervision and authorization of his Legal Representative; (iii) the Legal Representative must ensure the responsible and appropriate use of the Minor’s Account in view of its maturity.

When the Minor reaches the age of majority, Cripstore may convert the Minor’s Account into a Cripstore Account in accordance with Clause 1 b) of these Terms and Conditions of Use, exclusively owned by the minor, who must accept the Terms. and Conditions of Use to assume the character of owner.

Cripstore may require any documentation or additional information that it deems pertinent in order to validate the identity of the Minor and/or the Legal Representative. In case of detecting suspicious or unusual activities, Cripstore may adopt the measures it deems appropriate to avoid bad faith or fraudulent conduct and evaluate the origin of funds in the account, among others, including the closure of the Minor’s Account and/or the Legal representative.


  1. c) User Statements. Forbidden activities. The User declares that the object for which the Payment Processing Request is made does not violate any applicable law, nor is it for a service, sale or transmission that is prohibited by current law, the Terms and Conditions of Use and other policies of cryptostore. For more information on activities, content, products and/or services, the processing of which is prohibited, you can consult the list of Prohibited Activities of Cripstore.

The User will not use the Cripstore Services to transmit material that constitutes a crime or that may directly or indirectly give rise to civil responsibilities or that violates the Terms and Conditions of Use of Cripstore.

Likewise, the use of Cripstore to carry out any operation carried out by a User for their own benefit and/or between two or more Users that may be considered or understood as a cash advance or loan is absolutely prohibited. Cripstore will consider, without limitation, a cash advance to that operation in which it detects that a User adds Funds to his Cripstore Account through the use of credit cards and withdraws said Funds; It is also included within this activity when a User enters a Payment Processing Request in favor of another User who subsequently makes a new Payment Processing Request in his favor, who finally requests the withdrawal of such funds.

In relation to the Claro line cell phone recharge processing service, the User may not recharge through his Cripstore Account more than six (6) different Claro lines per calendar month.

If Cripstore considers that there is a suspicion or indication of the use of Cripstore for any activity prohibited by law or the Cripstore Terms and Conditions of Use, it may reject, cancel or suspend a Payment Processing Request, and / or temporarily block the access and use of a Cripstore Account and/or the use or availability of functionalities and/or definitively cancel a Cripstore Account. In such case, the User will be liable for the damages that may have been caused to Cripstore, its controllers, subsidiaries, affiliates or subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents, and/or employees, for which purposes Cripstore reserves the right to initiate the judicial or extrajudicial actions that it deems pertinent.

The User will be exclusively and unlimitedly responsible for the damages that their conduct may cause to Cripstore or to the other Users of the Cripstore services.

  1. d) Qualifications. The Cripstore system will grant each User a positive rating once the term of 30 (thirty) days has elapsed from the moment of payment without any type of claim on the operation having been presented, in which case it will be considered successfully completed.

Notwithstanding this, a User may request Cripstore, through the Claims and Disputes procedure, to eliminate the positive rating assigned by the system to its counterpart, a request that will be effective or not depending on the decision that Cripstore adopts based on the specific case analysis. In the event that Cripstore decides to nullify the positive rating, the User will not only lose the point obtained, but will also subtract an additional point from their reputation.

When the same Users carry out more than one operation with each other through Cripstore, for the purposes of the reputation of each one of them, up to a positive and even a negative rating will be taken into account.

  1. e) Use of the service on your own. You are only allowed to use the Services in your own name and not on behalf of and/or on behalf of third parties. The User will not resell the Services to third parties.
  2. f) Security and Confidentiality of personal data. Cripstore will not sell, rent or negotiate with other companies the personal information of the Users except in the forms and cases established in the privacy policies. These data will be used to provide the Payment Processing Service. However, Cripstore may share said information with value-added service providers that are integrated into the Site or through links to other Internet sites, to meet the needs of Users related to the services provided by Cripstore. All personal information transmitted is done through a secure Internet page that protects and encrypts the information. Personal information is stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high security standards. Cripstore always stores the data of the credit cards of the Users in encrypted form and in accordance with the PCI_DSS standards, which will be applicable to the Users to the extent that they store transaction data that are not their property. Cripstore does not store the credit card security code, so that it will always request said code from the User in each payment made on the Platform.

Users know and accept that Cripstore accesses the contact list of the mobile device used. Cripstore will use this information only to locate and point out cell phone numbers and/or emails of other Users and/or potential users. In turn, Users acknowledge that they are authorized to share such information with Cripstore.

In relation to potential users, Cripstore will not store names, postal addresses, bank details, identity card numbers and/or identity documents, or any other information that identifies or makes a person identifiable. It will only store cell phone numbers and emails.

Cripstore will make its best efforts to maintain the confidentiality and security that this section deals with, but will not be liable for damages that may arise from the violation of said measures by third parties that use public networks or the Internet to access said information or in cases where there was fault or negligence of the User.

  1. g) Limitation of Liability for the Service and/or the Platform. Cripstore does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access and use of its Site, the Service or the Sales Tools. The system may eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures in the links or Sales Tools or due to any other circumstance beyond the control of Cripstore. Users may NOT attribute any responsibility to Cripstore, nor demand any compensation, by virtue of damages resulting from the aforementioned difficulties, as well as for any other type of damage, including indirect, special or consequential damages that arise or experience the Users, even in in the event that such failures affect the amounts that must be paid or credited.
  2. h) Limited License. All intellectual and industrial rights on the Site, Sales Tools, Codes, development, software, hardware, domain, logos, emblems, logotypes, designs, structure, content, information, etc. are owned by Cripstore and/or its controlling, controlled, affiliated or subsidiary companies. In no case shall it be understood that the User will have any type of right over them, regardless of the rights conferred on the Sales Tools that Cripstore makes available to the Seller during the term of this Agreement.

Cripstore only authorizes the Seller to make use of its intellectual property, in relation to the Sales Tools made available to the Seller, for the fulfillment of the activities that derive from this agreement, on its website making a direct relationship to the Service of cripstore. Any other use of such intellectual property of Cripstore is strictly prohibited. To the extent these limitations are met, Cripstore grants a free, non-exclusive, revocable license to Seller.

The logos, emblems, logotypes, designs, structure etc. The means of payment allowed by Cripstore are the exclusive property of said means of payment. Users declare that they know and accept that their use is permitted solely for the purpose of serving as means of payment, and in no case shall it be understood that the User will have any type of right over them. Users will not use the trademarks, logos, emblems, logotypes, designs, structures, etc. Of the means of payment allowed by Cripstore or of any commercial brand in such a way that it can be understood that the product or service offered by the User is sponsored, promoted, produced, offered and/or sold by the means of payment or by the trademarks involved. Likewise, Users must refrain from performing any act that could cause damage, loss of reputation, or decrease in the value of said trademarks, or use them in a manner contrary to morality and good customs.

  1. i) Embargoes and disablement of accounts. Cripstore, in its capacity as a payment service provider, is empowered to block seizures and comply with any measure ordered by a competent authority, including, without limitation, the disabling of the Cripstore Account in the event of bankruptcy.
  2. j) Modifications of the Terms and Conditions of the Payment Processing Service .. Cripstore may modify the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. Cripstore will notify the User of the changes by publishing an updated version of said terms and conditions on the Site with an expression of the date of the last modification. All modified terms will enter into force 10 (ten) days after their publication. Within 10 (ten) days following the publication of the modifications introduced, the User must communicate by e-mail if they do not accept them; in that case the contractual link will be dissolved. After this period, it will be considered that the User accepts the new terms and the contract will continue binding both Parties. The modified Terms and Conditions of Use will be applicable to any Payment Processing Request that is made after the notification to the User.
  3. k) Assignment. The User may not assign, transfer, delegate or dispose of the rights or obligations derived from this contract, totally or partially. Cripstore may assign, transfer, delegate or dispose of the rights or obligations derived from this contract or its contractual position, totally or partially, for which the User grants his consent in advance for the performance of said actions.
  4. l) Termination of the Contract. Cripstore and the User may, at any time during the term of this contract, terminate it without any cause, which will imply the closure of the User’s Cripstore Account, but will not suspend compliance with all Payment Processing Requests already authorized by the User. at the time of notice of termination. In order to exercise this power, it is necessary that the party that intends to terminate the contract does not owe the other party or third parties involved in the operations the fulfillment of any obligation.

Likewise, Cripstore may, in case of breach by the User of the conditions of this contract or the applicable legislation in the matter, terminate the provision of the Services without any prior notice, reserving the right to claim the damages that such breach has caused him.

  1. m) Documentation. The User expressly chooses that the documentation and information related to the contract provided by Cripstore have, unless otherwise expressly provided, electronic support. In any case, the User may make copies, even on physical media, of the documentation and information provided by Cripstore regarding the contract. The User irrevocably authorizes Cripstore and/or whoever Cripstore designates, to record the User’s operations related to the services provided by Cripstore, and to use said recordings as evidence before administrative and/or judicial authorities. The certificates issued by Cripstore will be considered sufficient proof of compliance with the instructions and Payment Processing Request, and replace the need for any receipt and are fully enforceable against the User. For such purposes, the User and Cripstore agree to give probative value to the records that are issued as a result of the approvals or instructions given by the User, with the scope established in current legislation.
  2. n) Notifications. They will be valid and the User expressly accepts that all notifications made to Users by Cripstore, including without limitation notices, reminders or communications related to the Services provided by Cripstore, are directed (i) to the main email address registered by these (electronic special address), (ii) through the mobile application and/or (iii) to the User’s Cripstore Account.

o) Homes. Av. Caseros 3039, Piso 2, CP 1264, Parque Patricios, CABA is set as the address of Cripstore. The address constituted by the Users for the purposes of using the Cripstore Services is the address registered by the Users with Cripstore.